Today’s Gold and Silver Rates: In Delhi, 10 grams of 24-carat gold were priced at Rs. 73,681.0, while 1 kilogram of silver was Rs. 83,600.0.

The current gold prices experienced a slight decrease on Friday. The rate for 24-carat gold stands at Rs. 7,368.1 per gram, marking a decrease of Rs. 109.0. Similarly, 22-carat gold is priced at Rs. 6,749.2 per gram, showing a decrease of Rs. 99.0.

Over the past week, the price change for 24-carat gold has been 1.23%, whereas over the last month, it has witnessed a decrease of -4.02%. On the other hand, the cost of silver has risen to Rs. 83,600.0 per kilogram, marking an increase of Rs. 700.0 per kilogram.

The gold futures for June 2024 MCX were trading at Rs. 70,691.0 per 10 grams, down by 0.064% at the time of publication. Similarly, the silver futures for September 2024 MCX were trading at Rs. 82,751.0 per kilogram, down by 0.053%.


Location Gold Rate (Today) Gold Rate (Yesterday)

Gold Rate (Last Week)


₹73681.0/10g ₹73646.0/10g


Chennai ₹73110.0/10g ₹73072.0/10g


Mumbai ₹72754.0/10g ₹73933.0/10g


Kolkata ₹72682.0/10g ₹73646.0/10g




Silver Rate (Today) Silver Rate (Yesterday)

Silver Rate (Last Week)

Delhi ₹83600.0/Kg ₹83400.0/Kg


Chennai ₹87100.0/Kg ₹86900.0/Kg


Mumbai ₹83600.0/Kg ₹83400.0/Kg


Kolkata ₹83600.0/Kg ₹83400.0/Kg


Fluctuations in gold and silver rates are influenced by various factors, including input from reputable jewelers. Global factors such as the international demand for gold, fluctuations in currency exchange rates, prevailing interest rates, and government regulations related to the gold market all contribute to these changes. Additionally, global events such as the state of the global economy and the strength of the US dollar against other currencies also impact gold prices in the Indian market.

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